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Live Event Photography

That Just Happened Inc. is the evolution of event photography. With live projection, our photographers wirelessly transmit photos from our cameras straight to projector screens, in real time. With live sharing, branded photos are immediately uploaded to your company Facebook page for guests to tag, share and tweet.

With a photo booth and instant printing included in every package, we will create an interactive experience for your event like no other team can: with professionalism, innovation, creativity and engagement.

Mad Hatter's Gala Launches TJH!

As guests walked through the venue of MacEwan University's Mad Hatter's Gala, we found we had created a little problem.  People were so mesmerized by our TJH projection screens that they kept bumping into each other, pointing to their Live Projection photos saying, "Hey!  That Just Happened!". 

This was a great problem to have at our first event ever, as we proudly and ecstatically launched our new company, That Just Happened Inc.  Huge shout out goes to Erin and the entire team at MacEwan University for hosting and executing a truly amazing and seamless evening. It was our pleasure to be onsite, and adding to the excitement and fun of the Mad Hatter's extravaganza!

Out of respect for the VIP's and the big wigs present, who simply wanted to enjoy the evening and a few cocktails, we did not provide the Live Social Sharing or Instant Printing this time around.  Only the special guests onsite had the pleasure of viewing the Live Projection Photos. But there's good news: a selection of the evening's photos will be available in the photo archive of MacEwan's website very soon, so stay tuned and use the links provided below.

Another ginormous thank you goes out to our TJH team, Second Photographer Kelly Rosborough, and Control Operator Vicky Lau.  Cheers to our successful event launch, and having to already gear up for our next event.  Yup, That Just Happened..

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 Team TJH at Mad Hatter's Gala, our first event ever!

Team TJH at Mad Hatter's Gala, our first event ever!